Affording Your Degree is Possible

A degree from the School of Education and Human Sciences will be one of the best investments you can make. Let us help you afford it. We are all committed to supporting your academic goals, and you may be eligible for many types of financial aid: grants, scholarships, fellowships, loans, graduate assistantships, and sponsorship opportunities.


Rising college juniors and senior, as well as graduate students, in the School of Education and Human Sciences are eligible to apply annually and scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. In addition to School of Education and Human Sciences scholarships, students have the opportunity to apply to receive other scholarships at KU.

Practicing Educator Sponsorship Program

In an effort to help reduce your cost for graduate education, the School of Education and Human Sciences offers a sponsorship program for any PK-12 educator working for a public or private district in Kansas. In an ever-changing world, educators must stay current with effective teaching practices to ensure their students receive the best education possible. Unfortunately, today that education comes with a high price tag. In an effort to help reduce your cost for graduate education, the KU School of Education has initiated a sponsorship program for any Kansas PK-12 educator in a public or private building/district.

To receive the sponsorship, you must:

  • Submit a complete application;
  • Live in the state of Kansas;
  • Work as an educator or service provider for a PK-12 building or district (public or private) in the state of Kansas;
  • Be admitted to a campus-based, degree-seeking graduate program within the School of Education and Human Sciences and enrolled at KU.
  • Lawrence: $350 (6+ credit hours); $140 (3-5 credit hours); or $40 (1 credit hour).
  • Edwards Campus: $590 (6+ credit hours); $260 (3-5 credit hours); or $75 (1 credit hour).
  • Online: Online students are not eligible for sponsorship.

Amounts are subtracted from overall tuition and fees. Note: This sponsorship program does not apply to any fully-online course(s) within the School of Education and Human Sciences.


Funding Programs

  • Kansas Teacher Service Scholar

    This program provides financial assistance to students pursuing, initial educator licensure, a licensure endorsement, or a master’s degree with plans to teach in a hard-to-fill discipline or an underserved geographic area in Kansas.

  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness

    This program forgives the remaining balance on a student’s Direct Loans after they have made 120 qualifying monthly payments under a qualifying repayment plan while working full-time for a qualifying employer.

  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness

    This program is intended to encourage individuals to enter and continue in the teaching profession. A loan from the Federal Perkins Loan Program might be eligible for loan cancellation for full-time teaching at a low-income school, or in certain subject areas.

  • Work-Study Opportunities at KU

    Opportunities may help students avoid excessive debt while enrolled because they earn as they learn. Work-Study jobs may also provide additional preparation for the post-graduation job search as many jobs are in career-related areas.

  • Graduate Assistantships at KU

    Graduate assistantships (GAs) are intended to financially & academically support graduate students engaged in research, teaching, and administrative-related opportunities. Some are eligible for benefits, including tuition and health insurance.

  • Student Loans

    Student loans are considered financial aid because of the special interest rates, with some being subsidized by the federal government. Repayment of most student loans does not begin until after graduation.

  • Grants at KU

    Grants and scholarships are often called “gift aid” because they are monies that do not have to be repaid. Grants are often need-based, and can come from the federal government, the state of Kansas, the university and other organizations.

  • Other Funding

    There are other funding opportunities at KU. The Office of Graduate Studies provides links to funding sources within KU, external funding sources, and resources that are helpful in looking for and applying for funding.

  • Emergency Funding

    Emergency Need Funding through the School of Education & Human Sciences is intended to support students who have encountered an unexpected financial expense or obstacle that may hinder their academic or personal success at KU.