Joseph R. Pearson Hall

Technology & Facilities

The School of Education and Human Sciences offers students, faculty, and instructors access to a variety of campus-based resources and technology services.

Joseph R. Pearson Hall

The School of Education and Human Sciences has a main home in Joseph R. Pearson (JRP) Hall, a student-centered instructional facility which houses the majority of our student resources and services, as well as four of our five academic departments. Originally a men's residence hall, JRP Hall was renovated in 2000 to meet the needs of the School's programs and students.

Instructional Classrooms

JRP Hall offers general purpose classrooms with up-to-date technology as well as several dedicated classrooms for special purposes, including several conference rooms, equipment for distance education, and a 100 seat auditorium. Review the list of contacts below for reservation requests.

Lauri Hermann Ginsberg in Gertrude Strong Children's Library
Amber Rowland in JRP classroom computer lab
The Lelon R. Capps Learning Resource Center main entrance
A view of the LRC from the main entrance
A view facing the exterior glass window of the Gertrude Way Strong Children's Literature Collection in the LRC
A student peruses reading materials on the shelves in the LRC

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center (JRP Hall, Room 221) serves as the first point of contact for the public and offers access to the offices and services provided throughout the Dean's wing. We are dedicated to serving all students admitted including graduate students and those enrolled with the Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences housed in Robinson Center.

  • Forms & Documents: Processing all forms necessary for undergraduate & graduate students: admission, scholarships, sponsorship, convocation and more.
  • Advising & Support: Meet with an academic advisor, the licensure officer, field experience coordinator, graduate recruitment coordinator and others.
  • Job Board: Sharing job opportunity information for education- and human sciences-related positions, including part-time work while enrolled at KU.
  • Lactation Station: KU cares about helping nursing mothers feel welcome on campus and JRP Hall offers a private environment to nurse, though availability cannot be guaranteed. Visit the Welcome Center to gain access. Learn more

Lelon R. Capps Learning Resource Center

The Lelon R. Capps Learning Resource Center (LRC) in JRP Hall offers students numerous benefits and unique learning features. Located in JRP Hall Room 110, the LRC is a one-stop shop for any student enrolled with the School of Education and Human Sciences.

  • General Collection: The General Collection in the LRC includes a variety of education-related books. Educational kits, such as manipulatives for math, and a fiction section are also included.
  • Lesson Planning Textbooks: The LRC maintains a collection of textbooks and supplemental materials especially useful for designing lesson plans. The LRC uses the Library of Congress call number system for its collections, with the exception of textbooks and journals.
  • Journals & Publications: Many publications are available online through KU Library Services. If we do not have a particular journal, check to see if the University Libraries keep it in Watson Library, or you can check to see if it can be found online.
  • Children’s Collection: The Gertrude Way Strong Collection was made possible by a gift from Frank R. Strong (in honor of his late wife) with the goal to provide a wide variety of quality children and adolescent’s literature to use in classes and fieldwork. The collection houses classics, award winners, and books from selected content areas, and includes fiction, nonfiction, picture books, biography, autobiography, folk literature, poetry, and high interest/low readability books. There is also a number of "Big Book" kits that consist of an oversized version of a children's picture book and five normal sized copies. The Strong donation also provides for a periodic lectures by children’s authors and illustrators.

LRC Forms

Contact the LRC

Joseph R. Pearson Hall, Room 110
1122 West Campus Rd.
Lawrence, KS 66045-3101


Technological advances are changing the way in which we communicate, learn, and teach each other. We recognize the ever-changing world of technology and work to ensure that our students have access to the most up-to-date technology needed to thrive as a student at the flagship research university in Kansas.

  • JRP Hall Instructional Lab: ​This Mac lab is located in JRP Hall Rooms 102 and 103. Classes, scheduled workshops, and training seminars are held in a space equipped to be used as two rooms or a single larger room. Additionally, an instructor station supports the option for a screen to be projected on either side of the room.
  • Gale Sayers Computer Lab: This Mac lab is available to students in JRP Hall Room 104.
  • Robinson Center Lab: This PC lab is available to students in Robinson Center Room 130.
  • Food and beverage are not allowed near lab equipment;
  • Users are not allowed to save items to the desktop or the hard drive;
  • The JRP Hall Instructional Lab is for class use first and foremost, with the schedule posted next to the door. The Gale Sayers Lab is available on first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Instructors should have training on equipment before using and should not unplug any equipment. Assistance can be found at the LRC Help Desk. Projectors should be turned off after class is over.
  • We recommend that alternate storage device to store files. You must provide your own storage device: Flash Drive, Zip Drive, Pen Drive, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, Thaw Space Drive, or other data storage device.

Robinson Center

The Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences is housed in Robinson Center - just down the hill from JRP Hall. Robinson Center is the School's secondary facility, located in Lawrence, Kansas.

Robinson Center building

Room Reservations

See the table below for specific room reservation contacts.

Room Reservations
RoomContactEmail address
102 JRPDan
103 JRPDan
115 JRPDan
142 JRPBelinda
143 JRPCentral
144 JRPCentral
145 JRPCentral
146 JRPCentral
147 JRPCentral
150 JRPM/W/F: Belinda Reynolds
T/Th: Central Scheduling
201 JRPCentral
203 JRPCentral
204 JRPBelinda Reynolds
(Room only available after 4:00 p.m.)
214A JRPJeannie Houts
Belinda Reynolds
245 JRPCentral
246 JRPCentral
247 JRPBelinda
320 JRPSusan
350 JRPSusan
400 JRPDenise
420 JRPDenise
422 JRPDenise
450 JRPVictoria
500 JRPShaunna
520 JRPShaunna
522 JRPShaunna
550 JRPShaunna
600 JRPPenny
620 JRPPenny
622 JRPPenny
650 JRPPenny
710 JRPJeannie