Budig Lectures in the School of Education and Human Sciences

Inclusion through Innovation: Teacher Preparation for Classrooms of Today and Tomorrow

Preparing current and future educators to meet the needs of ALL learners is complex. The pandemic has led to further challenges and yet, it has also required teacher preparation efforts to think outside the box. This interactive presentation will consider ways innovations have and continue to alter what teacher education can and should be doing to further support the development of professionals that can meet the needs of a variety of learners and in so doing, further foster inclusion for all students in today’s inclusionary classrooms. Together, we will explore the impact innovations are and continue to have on teacher preparation for classrooms of today and tomorrow.

2021-2022 Gene A. Budig Teaching Professorship in Special Education

by Dr. Sean Smith

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The History of the Awards

All three of the Budig professorship awards recognize outstanding faculty teaching and the recipients of the awards are asked to deliver a formal lecture. View the online event calendar for upcoming lecture dates.

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Budig Teaching Professorship in Education: Awarded annually

Established in 1994 through a combination of gifts to the KU Endowment Association from Gene A. Budig as well as previous endowment gifts made in his honor;

Budig Teaching Professorship in Special Education: Awarded annually

Established to recognize outstanding faculty instruction in the Department of Special Education;

Budig Teaching Professorship of Writing: Awarded alternating years

Established to recognize outstanding faculty in the KU School of Education & Human Sciences and KU School of Journalism

Budig Lecture Archives

Learning to Teach in Uncertain Times

2019 Budig Teaching Award: Heidi Hallman

GenX to GenZ: Reflections of a Teacher Educator

2014 Budig Teaching Award: Barbara Thompson

Meaning-based practice: Steps toward a unified framework of teaching.

2013-2014 Gene A. Budig Teaching Professor: Marc Mahlios

Inclusion: An Odyssey

2013 Gene A. Budig Teaching Professor in Special Education: Wayne Sailor

From Teaching to Learning: Shifting Roles and Identities

2018 Special Education Budig Lecture:
Elizabeth B. Kozleski

Thinking Beyond: Bringing Out the Beauty in Mathematics

2016-2017 Gene A. Budig Teaching Professor: Kelli Thomas