Graduation Checklist for SOEHS Undergraduate Students

Your second to last semester:

  • Apply for graduation: The School of Education & Human Sciences does not automatically graduate students upon completion of all requirements. Instead, you must file an online application through Enroll & Pay to indicate that you’re ready to graduate. See screenshot of instructions for the application process (pdf).
    • Spring undergraduate application for graduation deadline: March 1st (applications typically available on the first business day of July)
    • Summer undergraduate application for graduation deadline: July 15th (applications typically available on the first business day of September)
    • Fall undergraduate application for graduation deadline: November 1st (applications typically available on the first business day of February)
  • Meet with your academic advisor: Your academic advisor can assist in ensuring you’re on track to have all requirements completed for your intended graduation term.
  • Resolve any incomplete grades: Work with your instructor(s) to make sure that you successfully complete any outstanding incomplete grades before graduation.
  • Confirm that any study abroad credits have posted to your KU record: Review your Advising Report (pdf) to make sure that any study abroad coursework has posted. If not, contact the KU Office of Study Abroad & Global Engagement to find out what materials you still need to submit.
  • Communicate transfer credit information: Contact your academic advisor if you plan to transfer in coursework from another institution and carefully review the following information:
    • It is your responsibility to verify the courses that you are enrolled in at another institution will transfer to KU as the courses needed. CredTran is a helpful resource in this process.
    • You must earn a minimum grade of C for a course to transfer to KU.
    • You should have your official transcript sent to:

      KU Office of Admissions
      1502 Iowa St.
      Lawrence, KS 66045.

      If your transfer institution offers official electronic transcripts, you may have one sent to

    • Work with your academic advisor to make sure that all transfer credit will post to your KU record by the graduation deadline.

Your last semester:

  • Review your Degree Progress Report: Make sure that you are enrolled in all degree requirements that are not currently checked off on your DPR.
  • Review your Advising Report: Confirm that any incomplete grades have been changed to an assigned letter grade and confirm that any previously outstanding study abroad coursework has posted to your Advising Report (pdf).
  • Send transcripts: Request that any institution at which you’ve completed college coursework is prepared to send your official transcript to KU Admissions once any currently enrolled coursework has been completed.
  • Register to participate in the SOEHS graduation ceremony: The School of Education & Human Sciences hosts recognition ceremonies each fall and spring. Students must register to participate in these ceremonies.
    • Each May, SOEHS hosts the Spring Convocation Ceremony to recognize students who will complete or have completed degree requirements during the previous summer, previous fall, current spring, or coming summer semester.
    • Each December, SOEHS hosts the Fall Recognition Ceremony to recognize students who complete degree requirements during the summer or fall semester.
  • Get ready for your graduation ceremony: Visit the KU Bookstore for all your graduation needs including invitations and regalia. Also be sure to monitor your registered KU email for information about graduation ceremonies, and visit the commencement website for information about walking down the hill.