Our new name

School of Education & Human Sciences

The new name more closely reflects the broad range of work while keeping the word education prominent. The School has been serving students since 1909, and has experienced a number of changes in different program areas. The former name (School of Education) did not capture the broad range of academic programs that the faculty produce.

Over the years, changes have occurred in a number of the School's program areas which have led to the pursuit of a new name. For example, years ago the Department of Physical Education changed its name to the Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences. Today, that department has thriving programs in exercise science, sport management, community health, and physical education. Currently, the programs offered through the Department of Health, Sport and Exercise Sciences account for over 60% of our undergraduate student credit hour production, though the former name (School of Education) did not capture that broader range of programs.

It is important to note that this name change does not reflect nor include any administrative nor organizational chart changes within the School.

Social Media Account Updates

We have updated the School's social media accounts to reflect the new name. Be sure to follow the School of Education and Human Sciences in your favorite social media platform to keep up with our latest research, events, and student success stories.

Mention in Email Signatures

In an effort to help build awareness of the new name, faculty, staff, and student staff within the School are encouraged to include mention of it in their KU email account signatures. The following example includes the standard language that can be used to ensure consistency. Please note, additional information regarding KU branded email signature templates is available.

Email Signature Example

Jay Hawk

Main Mascot

School of Education & Human Sciences

The University of Kansas



Formal History & Approval

In anticipation of the new name for the School, a survey was administered in November 2018 to a variety of constituent groups including faculty, staff, students and alumni. With over 1900 responses, results indicated an overall positive response to the idea. After considering similar schools and colleges around the country, along with many discussions with multiple constituent groups, the new name was submitted for review and approval.

Regents approved

April 17, 2019

On April 17, 2019, the Council of Chief Academic Officers and the Kansas Board of Regents approved the request from the University of Kansas to change the name of the School of Education (SOE) to the School of Education and Human Sciences (SOEHS).

May 2019

The School made a public announcement of the name change approval in May 2019, and began the transition to School of Education and Human Sciences during summer 2019.

Summer 2020

As a phased approach, most of the changes became visible to the public during the summer 2020 semester and were completed during the fall 2020 semester. Lingering updates will continue to occur.