Lecture Series at KU

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Strategies Lecture Series

To support a vision of professional development in the Kansas City metropolitan area, the School of Education and Human Sciences partners with the Edwards Campus to offer a variety of lectures as a continuation of the annual Strategies for Educational Improvement summer conference. All PK-12 educators, as well as others who are interested, are invited to join.

Upcoming Event

Nov. 21, 2020 at 9:00 a.m
with Pattie Noonan, University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning

The Skills That Matter: Social-emotional Learning & Practice Across the Curriculum

This session represents a collaborative effort with more than a thousand middle and high school educators to translate social/emotional research into truly applicable instructional practices. Participants will explore the College and Career Competency Framework through focusing on one of three competencies (i.e., self-regulation, assertiveness and self-efficacy) for self-assessment, building knowledge and brainstorming instruction. Aligned with the CASEL indicators and KS SECD Standards, these competencies can be explicitly taught, practiced and reinforced in every classroom, Pre-K through 12 to promote social emotional growth. Participants will complete a set of small group activities where they reflect on current practice, review SEL curriculum parts, learn foundational concepts, and view examples of instructional practices in various classroom settings. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of how readily available supports and ongoing face-to-face and online professional development and coaching opportunities can be utilized for embedding SEL in daily instruction. During this highly interactive session, Dr. Noonan will share free resources, provide solutions to implementation challenges, and give away a book or two.

Upcoming Event

Feb. 13, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.
with M'Balia Thomas, Department of Curriculum & Teaching

Being Lazy & Slowing Down in PK-12 Classrooms - A Deeper Look

To be provided. Please check back often.

Upcoming Event

April 17, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.
with presenter name to be announced

Presentation title to be announced

To be provided. Please check back often.

Budig Professorship Lecture Series

All three of the Budig professorship awards recognize outstanding faculty teaching and the recipients of the awards are asked to deliver a formal lecture. View the online event calendar for upcoming lecture dates.

  • Budig Teaching Professorship in Education: Awarded annually | Established in 1994 through a combination of gifts to the KU Endowment Association from Gene A. Budig as well as previous endowment gifts made in his honor;
  • Budig Teaching Professorship in Special Education: Awarded annually | Established to recognize outstanding faculty instruction in the Department of Special Education;
  • Budig Teaching Professorship of Writing: Awarded alternating years | Established to recognize outstanding faculty in the KU School of Education and KU School of Journalism

Naismith Lecture Series

The James Naismith Lecture Series was established to honor the legendary founder of the game of basketball and first chair of the Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences. The lecture series hosts prominent professors from across the U.S. to expose KU students to new thoughts, ideas and research: exercise physiology, sport psychology, sport management and administration, sports medicine, health & physical education, and KU’s athletic history and traditions. View the online event calendar for upcoming lecture dates.

Mawson Scholar Speaker Series

The Mawson Scholar Speaker Series was established by Marlene Mawson as an annual event, designed to bring a prominent sport management scholar and presenter to KU each fall. Mawson was a professor and administrator at KU for 22 years. Mawson was inducted into the KU Athletics Hall of Fame in 2009 for her contributions to women’s athletics. View the online event calendar for upcoming lecture dates.

Lichtenberg Lecture Series

The Lichtenberg Lecture Series was established by former associate dean and professor emeritus James Lichtenberg as an annual event, designed to bring a professionals from around the country to KU to discuss topics in psychology, counseling, health, and research each fall. View the online event calendar for upcoming lecture dates.

Lelon Capps Lecture Series

The Lelon R. Capps Lecture Series was established in honor of former professor Lelon R. Capps to bring nationally recognized speakers in education to KU. Professor Capps served the KU School of Education and Human Sciences for 44 years. His teaching and scholarship focused on elementary mathematics education. The Lelon R. Capps Lecture Series is supported by a fund established through KU Endowment and is hosted by the Department of Curriculum & Teaching, with support from the Department of Mathematics. View the online event calendar for upcoming lecture dates.

Meyen Lecture Series

Endowed by Stan Love of the Love Publishing Company, the Edward L. Meyen Distinguished Lecture Series is a bi-annual event honoring former professor Edward L. Meyen and was established to showcase outstanding speakers presenting on cutting edge topics of disabilities including education, families, advocacy, research, instructional resources and public policy. View the online event calendar for upcoming lecture dates.

Support the Lecture Series

Donations from individuals interested in providing a gift to support one of the lecture series are encouraged to do so through the KU Endowment Association web page