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Since 1958, the School of Education and Human Sciences has offered financial support through academic scholarships to thousands of its students. School of Education and Human Sciences scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis, taking into account both need and merit. These scholarships are available for students, regardless of program area or degree level. These scholarships are awarded to students beyond those also made available through other university processes.

Scholarship Requirements

Students must complete the application process to be considered for a scholarship. Students are eligible to receive scholarships multiple years, but must apply each academic year. As a student at KU, you may apply for School of Education and Human Sciences scholarship if you are:

  • A graduate student admitted to a campus-based graduate program or a fully-online doctoral student in the School of Education and Human Sciences who has begun coursework and who will be enrolled in at least six credit hours per term for the following academic year*; or
  • A sophomore, junior, or senior undergraduate who has been admitted to a professional program in the School of Education and Human Sciences and is enrolled in at least 12 credit hours per term for the following academic year*.

Though scholarships are available to all types of School of Education and Human Sciences students, certain circumstances restrict eligibility:

  • You are not admitted to a professional program in the School of Education and Human Sciences;
  • You are a freshman student enrolled in a professional program in the School of Education and Human Sciences;
  • You are a newly admitted graduate student and will not begin coursework until after the due date of scholarship application;
  • You are a student enrolled in a fully-online graduate program in the School of Education and Human Sciences;
  • You are a doctoral student who has exceeded 18 hours of dissertation credit hours and no longer need to be enrolled full time.
  • You are a Special Education doctoral student. Scholarships are administered by the department.

*Scholarship funds are not available for the summer semester, and summer credit hours do not count in the total required hours.

Scholarship Application

The window to apply for School of Education and Human Sciences scholarships is open for roughly 70 days on an annual basis between December and February. Students need only to complete one application for consideration for all available scholarships. Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstance. To be considered for a 2024-25 academic year scholarship, submit your application by the deadline of February 1, 2024.

All scholarship applicants will be asked to complete a series of short answer questions, essays, and attach a CV or resume. General questions are asked because our donors have designated specific criteria that must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for their scholarships. Responses will be used to match criteria and will never be used to discriminate against any student.

In addition to some general questions, you will be asked to complete three essay questions. Please be thoughtful in your responses and should be more than a few sentences.

  1. Explain why you would be a good candidate for a SOE&HS scholarship based on your academic and/or extracurricular performance while enrolled at KU.
  2. What is your motivation for pursuing your degree in SOE&HS and how does it relate to your future goals?
  3. Please describe any financial circumstances that you would like the committee to take into consideration when evaluating your application. (Example: expenses vs. income, family issues, employment, etc.) Note: this essay is optional.


  • Academic performance (GPA) at KU;

  • Education-related extracurricular activities;

  • Work-related activities;

  • Evidence of involvement in and commitment to the education or human sciences profession;

  • Record of scholarly activities;

  • Specific donor criteria; and

  • Financial need as determined by the FAFSA/ISNAW.

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How To Apply

All applicants will first need to complete the general application first. Once logged in, you might receive the following message at the top of the page: “You won’t be able to apply or be automatically matched to any opportunities until you complete your general application.” Click the general application link included within this message. Once completed, you will be directed to the SOEHS application. Complete the online scholarships application.


Complete the FAFSA or ISNAW

Complete the FAFSA or ISNAW (optional, but highly recommended).

The University of Kansas is committed to providing programs and activities to all persons, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, ancestry, sex, marital or parental status, and, to the extent covered by law, age or veteran status.

Recipient Process & Luncheon

If selected for an award, the scholarship funds will be applied directly to the student’s tuition bill. Scholarships are administered by academic year, meaning awards are given in two equal disbursements: once in the fall and the other in the spring semesters. If there is a remaining balance after the scholarship funds are subtracted from the student’s tuition bill, the student will receive an excess financial aid refund via Electronic Funds Transfer from the KU Student Accounts & Receivables Office. Scholarships are not transferable between semesters, and awards are granted based on the enrollment information provided on the scholarship application. If enrollment plans change after the application is submitted, it is the student’s responsibility to notify Tiffany Edmonds ( immediately. Scholarship award recipients are required to write a thank you letter to his/her donor(s). Many award recipients are also required to attend the annual School of Education and Human Sciences Scholarship Awards ceremony in September. The ceremony is typically held at the Lied Center in Lawrence, Kansas; and offers students an enjoyable opportunity to interact with their donors and fellow scholarship recipients.

Featured scholarship awards

The scholarships endowed by the School’s donors reflect the wide range of interests, backgrounds, and focus in education and human science professions. As a means to illustrate the breadth and depth of the financial support available to students, details on a very limited number of featured scholarship awards from gracious donors are provided below.

Featured Awards

  • Judith Tietze Trowbridge Scholarship

    Trowbridge received degree from KU and established this scholarship to support students in the teacher education program at KU who are preparing for classroom instruction and have successfully completed the first year of the program.

  • Musick Family Scholarship

    This scholarship was established by Kala A. Musick, a KU alumna in elementary education from the School of Education and Human Sciences, for Kansas residents who are students majoring in elementary or secondary education.

  • L. Marlene Mawson Scholarship

    Mawson is a former KU faculty member, director of Women’s Athletics, and 2009 inductee to the Kansas Athletics Hall of Fame. She established this scholarship to support students with academic merit who are enrolled in the sport management graduate program.

  • Agnes M. Brady Scholarship

    KU alumni Fred and Anne Williams established this scholarship to support students majoring in Spanish language education in the School of Education and Human Sciences with preference based on financial need or academic merit.

  • Sarah J. & Dr. William R. Clark Scholarship

    This scholarship established by Sarah and William Clark supports undergraduate students seeking licensure. Sarah is an alumna of KU with a degree from the Department of Curriculum & Teaching.

  • Judy Nordstrom Johnson Scholarship

    This scholarship by Judy and her husband Howard to support elementary education majors and/or graduate students with an emphasis in reading. Judy is an alumna of the School and Howard earned a degree in mathematics at KU.

  • Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Scholarship

    KU alumni Nolen and Carole Ellison established this scholarship to support undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Education and Human Sciences with preference for students from the KC Metro area.

  • Edward M. Wolpert Scholarship

    This scholarship assists undergraduates pursuing a degree in elementary education and was created thanks to a gift from Edward Wolper, former dean of the School of Education at Georgia College.

  • Richard & Carol Whelan Scholarship

    This scholarship provides support for graduate students in special education working toward licensure in emotional disturbance. Survived by his wife Carol, who has a degree in nursing from KU, Richard was a former dean of the School.

  • J. Gary & Joann W. McEachen Scholarship

    KU alumni Gary and Joann McEachen established this scholarship to be awarded on the basis of academic merit supporting a junior or senior year student majoring in elementary education and a graduate of a high school in the Shawnee Mission School District.

  • Becky & Harry Gibson Scholarship

    KU alumni Becky and Harry Gibson established this scholarship to support for a student who is licensed at the secondary level and is pursuing a master's degree in low incidence disabilities or a student pursuing a degree in exercise physiology.

  • Edward L. Meyen Scholarship

    This scholarship supports undergraduates in the teacher education program and honors Meyen, former dean of the School of Education and Human Sciences who later served as executive vice chancellor of KU’s main campus in Lawrence.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Departmental Recruitment Scholarships

There is a limited pool of recruitment scholarship funds for incoming graduate students at the School of Education and Human Sciences. Contact the academic department to which you are applying for admission to learn more about these one-time scholarship opportunities.

International Student Scholarships

As a means to engage students from all across the world, various academic scholarships and other funding opportunities are available for those who qualify.

KU Financial Aid and Scholarships Office

KU offers four-year renewable scholarships to incoming first-time freshmen, and three-year renewable scholarships to incoming transfer students.

KU Student Involvement & Leadership Center (SILC)

SILC administers the award process for Nontraditional Student Endowment and Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Scholarships.

How to Give

The School of Education and Human Sciences prepares leaders for the educational and human science-related needs of the future. The School promotes a better understanding of education as a fundamental human endeavor, and works to respond to our society’s educational challenges and responsibilities. Our work also is dedicated to improving wellness and mental health. Through programs in counseling, psychology, and exercise sciences, we aim to improve the understanding of health-related issues and the delivery of effective practices. To learn more about establishing a scholarship of your own, please contact Laura Meyer at

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