Curriculum & Teaching lecturer shares research findings at 2022 Appellate Forum

LAWRENCE β€” Cheryl Wright, Ph.D., lecturer of evidence-based research of multicultural pedagogy in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching, on KU's Lawrence campus, was featured as a presenter at the 2022 Appellate Forum for the state of Missouri (University of Missouri, Columbia-School of Law). The forum is an annual gathering of the Missouri Appellate Judges from the three districts (Western, Eastern, Southern, and the Supreme Court Judges) to discuss various issues related to the Missouri Court System, and specifically Appellate court matters.

Speaking on behalf of the Appellate Court Education Committee, Wright's topic examined the complexities of multiculturalism and tools for eliminating cultural bias. Based on the philosophy of judicial interpretation and the rendering of fair and equitable decisions, the session centered on the role of diversity and the structure of focused conversation. Addressing the Supreme Court and Appellate Court judges and court staff, the dialogue sought to deepen understanding, raise awareness, and prompt reflection. 

"Participants in the discussion were able to gain an appreciation for mutually shared but individually felt cultural experiences responsible for shaping thoughts and beliefs along with influencing actions,” Wright said.

Given essential questions, session participants analyzed data-driven scenarios to ponder 1.) pre-conceived thoughts, 2) trends/patterns, and 3) actionable steps. Utilizing a focused conversation approach provided the foundation for judicial exchange. β€œIn fostering skills for ongoing understanding, the journey to eliminate cultural bias is something that persons both inside and outside of the courts strive to address,” said Wright.

Photo Credit: 2022 Appellate Forum - University of Missouri - Columbia School of Law