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About the School of Education & Human Sciences

Founded in 1909, the University of Kansas School of Education and Human Sciences educates future teachers, administrators, counselors, psychologists, and health and sport professionals. The School offers a variety of programs from its Lawrence Campus sites at Joseph R. Pearson Hall and Robinson Center. The School of Education and Human Sciences also offers several degree programs at the KU Edwards Campus in Overland Park, Kansas as well as fully online.

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Dean Rick Ginsberg delivers the Fall 2023 update

Mission & Vision

Within the University, the School of Education and Human Sciences serves Kansas, the nation and the world by

  • preparing individuals to be leaders and practitioners in education and related human science fields 
  • expanding and deepening understanding of education as a fundamental human endeavor
  • helping society define and respond to its educational responsibilities and challenges

To accomplish this mission, the School of Education and Human Sciences

  • offers an extensive curriculum leading to academic degrees and professional licensure
  • requires faculty and students to engage in scholarship
  • provides a wide range of professional services to schools, other institutions, and individuals

Conceptual Framework

At both the initial and the advanced levels, we believe that teaching is an honorable, dynamic, and vitally important profession.

Preparing children and youth for life in a society that is distinguished by constant change, increased diversity, and difficult challenges requires educators who can serve as leaders in their profession - individuals who will be role models in their schools and communities.

With regard to our initial and advanced teacher licensure programs, professional and state standards provide the structure for the knowledge and competencies that we expect candidates to demonstrate. Although the standards for each program organize the professional knowledge base into slightly different strands or domains, common themes emerge.

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Circular diagram of KU School of Education and Human Sciences Conceptual Framework (nucleus of circle) (outer circle: Demonstrating Professionalism, Educating Diverse Learners and Integrating Research Theory & Practice. inner concentric circle: Performance > Evaluation > Enhancement > Assessment.)

Learn about our new name

Our new name, School of Education and Human Sciences, more closely reflects the broad range of work while keeping the word ‘education’ prominent.

Joseph R. Pearson Hall

Joseph R. Pearson Hall in Lawrence

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Regnier Hall

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Robinson Center

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