KU Educational Leadership & Policy Studies announces new Higher Education Administration graduate certificate

LAWRENCE — The University of Kansas Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Department, part of the School of Education & Human Sciences, has created a new program to introduce education professionals to academic scholarship on higher education.

The Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Administration is a 9-hour generalist degree program is designed to allow students to extend and apply their knowledge of colleges and universities, and to learn from expert scholars and practitioners, as well as fellow classmates, who bring diverse leadership experiences to the program.

The certificate is primarily intended for students who intend to work in higher education administration and student affairs in areas such as academic advising; administrators wanting to familiarize themselves with academic literature on higher education topics to help them develop in their administrative positions; current administrators who may wish to update their knowledge of the theory and research; and students who wish to pursue a master’s, Ed.D. or Ph.D. in educational leadership & policy studies. The curriculum, which consists of three courses, will include courses that provide an introduction to understanding institutions of higher education, the historical context, and the present state of colleges and universities.

“The graduate certificate in higher education administration is an ideal option for career changers interested in transitioning to the field or any learner or leader who wants to gain a fundamental understanding of higher education,” said Gene Parker, associate professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

The program was developed in response to increased interest in a non-degree program focusing on higher education administration by current administrators who may not have extensive educational preparation in the field.

The program will begin during the fall 2024 semester.

To learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Administration, visit elps.ku.edu/academics/higher-education-administration/certificate.

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