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Global Education Academy

Learn from leading researchers and practitioners from around the world. Engage in dynamic and relevant professional development. Network with educators across all contexts.

PK-12 teachers
School and district leaders
Educational technologists
Librarians/media specialists
Museum educators
Graduate students
Community service organizations

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View thought-provoking conversations with cutting-edge thinkers. Engage with education innovators around the world.

Mission & Vision

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To inform and transform futures through learning and education.
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To provide innovations and insights from around the world to support local action and transformation in education and learning.

Micro-Learning Credentials

The Global Education Academy offers professional development, with options to stack toward graduate credit. Learn from global leading theorists, innovators, and practitioners. Network and collaborate with peers from around the world. Our professional development platform offers unique access to interviews, lectures, and presentations by leading thinkers as well as the perspectives of practitioners.

  • We design our materials for busy educators and leaders to learn and grow.
  • Build your own learning path that meets your goals by choosing topics and issues that are relevant to your practice.
  • The flexible, stackable model allows you to engagewith other curious and passionate educators whenconvenient.
  • Every learning context is different, so we make sure that you have the creative and critical space to explore and apply theory and innovation to your own environment. 

Two levels of engagement:

  • Are you seeking credit to apply toward re-licensure requirements or possibly toward an eventual degree?
  • Or would you prefer to learn for your own enrichment without the need to earn recognition?

Learning Options

Engage: Complete Global Microcredential Experiences

For those who seek to learn from great thinkers but are not interested in credit, we offer the the Global Microcredential Experience (GMCEx). GMCEx participants will have access to video content and other material from our experts but do not need to complete assignments. Note, an GMCEx is not stackable toward KU credit but may be recognized by some school districts for professional development points.

Activate: Earn Global Microcredential Pros

The Global Microcredential Pro (GMCP) is designed for professionals who wish to engage with the latest thinking from experts and acquire graduate credit in bite-sized, accessible chunks. The GMCP offers access to engaging learning materials and includes meaningful assignments that are useful to you. These assignments are evaluated and allow participants to earn GMCPs that are stackable toward KU graduate credit.

Launch: Stack GMC-Pros & Earn KU Credit

Stack three GMCPs and apply to earn a University of Kansas microcredential credit (one hour of graduate credit). Inquire below for details.

International Visiting Scholars

Researchers from outside the United States seeking to become International Visiting Scholars in the School of Education and Human Sciences should contact a potential host faculty member or department.


No, the conference is free. The $50 GEA GMC-Pro fee and the $100 KU Micro-credential tuition provide the student access to assignments, feedback on the assignments, and graduate credit.


Yes, but they would need to pay the normal tuition rate for the credit hour.

Midnight Sunday, October 17, 2021


The assignments will include reflective writing, responses to the conference content, responses to related readings, and the creation of lesson plans, teaching materials, or other demonstrations of content learned.

No. An attendee could decide at any time during the summer or fall to participate in this program. To earn three SMLBs, however, the participant would need to attend at least three of the four live sessions of the conference (or watch recordings of the sessions). In addition, participants need to pay attention to KU enrollment deadlines, to avoid paying late fees.)

Yes, a student could complete all of the steps outlined above in the summer, including enrolling in EDC 698 and completing all of the assignments by the end of July to get credit for the summer term. However, the student would have to pay a late fee to the registrar as the deadline for summer enrollment without a late fee has already passed. (There are no late fees for GEA registration.)

Pilot GMC-Pro on Personalizable Learning

Be a part of something new and become an inaugural member of the 2021 Micro-Learning Credential launch as the Global Education Academy explores the topic of personalizable learning. Expert guides include Distinguished Professors Yong Zhao and Michael Wehmeyer, co-authors of Teaching Students to Become Student Learners (2020). Participants will have free access to this content, launched summer 2021.


The GEA offers consulting to districts and educational organizations on designing and implementing professional development.

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The Global Education Academy is supported in part by a gift from the Williamson Family Foundation.